Drone and Itch updates!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great productive week!

Today I worked on pushing out an update to the drone, this brings us to version 1.1.2, introducing a hover animation and a death sequence! Try the demo on itch! Don’t forget to pick yours up on the Unity Asset Store today!

Today also brings a new look to the itch page! Head over to itch to take a look!

I also am participating in a game jam this weekend! If you’re interested in it, check out my friends at Tilted Events! If you’re interested in what I did for last months jam, you may find that on my itch!

Dark work… But also screenshake

Lately I’ve been working on a little bit of dark work. For you nerds out there, a more dynamic pool system. That doesn’t really have much to show visually from what I was doing, but I’m using a more flexible implementation for myself.

But, I did manage to squeeze in something fun! Screenshake! For some stream memes, check this clip!

Stay tuned for some audio 🙂

Damaging and Death

Started working on hitting enemies a bit. I had some rough code in for this before, improved it. You can now damage a character, and it can receive damage in different forms, such as physical, fire, lightning, cold, which can be resisted in different ways. It also carries data such as if it was melee, aoe, or projectile, which can be expanded 🙂