21st Tilted Shed 12 hour Game Jam!

I had a wonderful time working with some talented people to make this game in 12 hours. It was based off of a randomized madlib. Short and sweet.

Once upon a time an Empty Pirate’s family was starving.
When a mythical Sirenhead saw their plight and came to help 
The Empty Pirate climbed onto Sirenhead’s Dinosaur Body
They both DANCED far into the clouds, until Explosions appeared filled with gold and riches 
The Sirenhead spoke, “head my word, take only what you need“
The Empty Pirate never having seen so much, wanted it all 
The Empty Pirate stuffed pockets, pants, and shirt, as full as possible
The Empty Pirate climbed onto Sirenhead’s Dinosaur Body
Sirenhead grimaced and started to DANCE away 
The weight was too much to bare for Sirenhead 
A day later the Sirenhead DANCED over the poor family’s home, and it could see the family had one less mouth to feed.


Dev Talk Podcast

Happy to announce that I featured in a Dev Talk podcast back in February! Available for you listening pleasure at the link below.

I do apologize for the delay in updating the blog. I’ve been really busy coding live on stream, LOTS of DOTS! I have a YouTube video coming out for you all next week detailing what I’ve been up to, and the direction everything is heading!

Stay tuned!

Dev Talk Podcast

December Update 1

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I’ve had a crazy busy last 2 weeks.

I’m preparing to announce some good news for you all regarding the game, no it’s not a release date, but it is a very big step. Stay tuned for more on that topic.

I have been deep in code a lot recently, so to take a small break of code, I modeled and textured this cigar today.

I also have spent some time learning DOTS, data orientated tech stack, Unity’s Entity Component System (ECS). At it’s heart, ECS is a programming pattern to follow when writing code to help ensure high performance. It improves performance by switching the normal programming process from caring about interactions to caring about relationships of data. This allows you to have MANY of something exist at a time. I have some screenshots below, in these you will see 100,000 spheres, in engine, they are in fact moving and spinning.

And finally here, we have some cubes in ECS with physics and colliders falling out of the sky.

I have also been spending some time working on improving my coding abilities. Not only is this a learning experience in ECS, but also in unit testing, and my first time making use of Odin Inspector. My goal of learning these 3 skills is to speed up and improve my dev process on Polaris. I am also evaluating if ECS would be a good pattern for me to adopt to Polaris. More on that soon after I learn a bit more.